Cosmetician applying facial beauty mask for young beautiful woman at spa salon

Getting a facial can be really confusing for first timers. A lot of people actually have never gotten a facial simply because of how confusing it may be. We don’t want to sound unintelligent if we ask for the wrong thing or do not understand which types of facials will be best for our skin. All of the complicated words and jargon used by spas will make most people think that they need to go online and research facials for hours (or days) before they will be ready to order the facial that they want and need. The truth is, getting a facial does not need to be that complicated or scary. Here are the most important things to consider when ordering your facial.

  1. Know the basic information about facials

Most people will probably go for a classic facial, especially if it is their first time. This traditional facial is a standard procedure for cleaning, exfoliating, extracting, and moisturizing your skin. It can be a great solution for people with normal or dry skin. The scariest part about this facial, and the part that most people may not understand, is the extracting. Extracting is the part that may hurt a little bit. Although mildly painful, extracting is safe for most people as long as the person performing your facial does the procedure correctly. Your aesthetician should use steam to first soften your pores. If you have rosacea or eczema, then you should ask your skin care specialist to use a warm towel rather than steam because steam can cause your face to turn very red. They should then cover their fingers with gauze in order to prevent pinching. If the pain is too much for you or you feel pinching, ask your aesthetician to stop because too much pressure can cause skin damage.

  1. Make sure your skin is treated correctly

It’s not uncommon for the lotions used during a facial to cause your skin to break out. Sometimes even just the massage during the facial will cause a breakout. If you see the terms ‘purifying’ or ‘clarifying’ listed next to the name of the facial, then this means that this procedure is for someone who has acne prone skin. These facials should include a cleanser, mask, and peel. You should try to avoid getting a scrub on acne prone skin because they can cause skin irritation and scarring.

  1. Make sure to spend more money on the right procedures

There are a lot of facials and treatments that sound truly weird. Some of these treatments include use of snake venom or caviar. These treatments are typically just gimmicks that cost a lot and do nothing. While there are a lot of procedures available that are not worth the splurge, there are some that are. LED facials are actually really good for your skin because they aid in eliminating bacteria and they can help get rid of your unwanted acne. Other LED facials will help stimulate collagen production with little to no recovery period.